Our warranty is strictly limited to manufacturer defects and individually warranted by each company’s brand
All warranty claims are to be supported by our purchase receipt
Our warranty is non-transferable
Purchaser must present his/her vehicle for our inspection to process claims (Car battery products only)
Warranty can be rejected if the product is not operated or wrongly applied other than those recommended by manufacturer, abuse, installed by non-qualified personal, indirectly caused by external factors, caused by a failed electric circuit or natural disasters
Warranty (applies to battery product) is void if :
a. The battery has been tempered
b. Battery deform or bloated form
c. Battery leakage
d. Break/Spoiled terminals
e. Signed of wiring interruption or fail Starter/Alternator or defective battery terminals or fitted with accessories other than those factory recommended or over mileague
f. Fulfill specific manufacturer warranty
Warranty (Non-Battery) is void if :
a. Used other than those intended product purpose recommended by manufacturer
b. Wrong storing of product eg. extreme humid, high temperature or expose to fire risk
c. Not installed by qualified technician
d. Exceeded product expiry period (food or product)
e. Tempered product
f. Fail to produce information required by the manufacturer